Cotton batting

​​Cotton batting is very durable when used as a dense padding layer. The dense mesh of fibers also prevents premature wear of other comfort layers resulting in a product that brings value to the consumer because of its resiliency and consistency.
​Cotton batting's comfort is well-known. As an insulator, it provides a dense even layer of padding and allows the spring unit to conform to the body, as a result consumers don't feel the springs coils. In addition, the thermo physical properties of cotton prevent the disagreeable build-up of body heat, helping to further assure the consumer of a comfortable seating environment.
Our cotton batting is a 14oz by 27inches wide and weights about 25# with a blend of 70/30 (70% seed 30% cotton fiber) and 50/50 (50%seed 50% cotton fiber) 
Polyester/Dacron Batting

​​Usually known as Dacron bonded polyester is used for cushion covering, outside panel padding on furniture and many other uses. It is available in:
30” wide by 3/4 oz. roll
36” wide by 3/4 oz. roll
54” wide by 3/4 oz. roll